It’s sometime around 2 in the morning and I wake up with a burning desire to have you. My body yearns for you and it demands to be satisfied. I shift my body around trying to wake you but it was a long day at work for you, so my guilt slowly creeping into my head. You turn towards me placing your leg between mine and you drift back into deep sleep. I can’t get up to satisfy myself so I very slowly thrust my hip straddling your leg, rubbing my throbbing clit just the right way. Fuck am I humping his leg? Yeah, I am. I keep at it as I pick up speed, motivated to getting myself off. My gasps get shamelessly louder as I get closer to ecstasy and my whole body shudders. I look towards you, your eyes still closed but with a smirk on your face. I lean in and kiss you as you whisper “you owe me in the morning”.


Nights like tonight when it feels like no one is out there, I just close my eyes and type away and live through someone else. To feel their emotions is what drives my passion but… the more I live through them the more I can picture you. The way your hands hold me tight every night, your kisses sweet and warm. You’re so close I can almost touch you. Then I’m back staring at my screen left yearning for you.

Sweet Thoughts of You

I opened the door and there you were. I take a second to take you in with my eyes. Tall, charming and sexy as fuck. My pussy instantly knows it’s you. I feel my clit slowly swelling as your cologne robs me of any doubts. Your arms wrap around my body and I melt into you. Your lips greeting my body… I need to have you now…


Too much time…

To fall back into your arms…

To crawl over to you in full heat…

To rekindle our desires with each other…

So many nights I’ve longed for you to fill me…

I don’t need words….

I just want you

6 Seconds…

I heard someone say once “If someone is holding eye contact with you for 6 seconds or more they either want to fuck you or murder you”. I definitely want to fuck you.

So how do we do this? Who is it that initiates? I see your smile when you talk to me, catching me staring longer than those six seconds.

Your eyes travel to my lips as I tug on them when I laugh. Your deep voice vibrates within making my pussy pulse. Our desire is thick in the air I remove my scarf to breathe but my only solution is your lips parting mine with your tongue. Help me tame my desires for you don’t let me become a wild animal left to starve in this lonely world fate has given me, show me what it’s like to be taken into your realm of deep thrusting passion.

Healing Soul

My mind draws in the silence and meditates in it. Each day my soul heals with peace and my heart beats in your love. My body takes you in and I fall deeper. Don’t forget me… remember my touch, our words, my screams declaring you mine. 

Lost in thoughts 

If you knew what I was thinking would you embrace me in my fantasy? Know that whenever you are in my presence in my mind we are fucking like rabbits. The manly aroma of your cologne evokes my kinky appetite as I fight to control myself to not kneel and consume your pleasure. My throbbing pussy purrs to your spellbinding manhood making my thighs tremble. Let me show you my deepest desires. 

Office 2

I lay on the ottoman with my ass up waiting for you to take me with your hard cock. You walk slowly towards me then silence. The anticipation of having you drives me crazy, I turn to look at you and the sight of your precum building on top makes my mouth water. I sit up on my knees and beg you for a taste. You stand in front of me grabbing my hair with one hand you slap your cock on my lips. Your sweet precum smothered on my lips. My tongue chases you trying to get a taste as you slap your cock harder and harder. You pull my hair back exposing my neck and you lean in. You bite it hard and suck on it sending chills all over my body. I could feel that it was going to bruise and you whisper “I want you to remember me fucking you”. I spread my legs as your hands travel through my body, my pussy aching for your touch. Every inch your hands touch makes me lose myself. Please can I have your cock? I beg. “Bend over again” you say stroking yourself. I obey and get in position. I feel a soft cloth wrap around my eyes, you unsnap your suspenders and wrap it around my wrists. I wiggle my hand but can’t move. My pussy drips with desire. I scream when your big cock squeezes into my tight pussy. “You’re a good girl, let me change that” You say as you slowly stretch me, each thrust takes you in deeper and deeper. My screams turn into moans as my pussy starts to easily takes you. I start tilting my hips and tightening my pussy around your cock making you let out a loud growl. You thrust deeper and deeper when you reach for something on your desk. I feel a marker on my back “When you read this know that I always claim what’s mine” your voice low and husky as you continue to thrust harder. You pull my hair and ask me “who am I?”, My mind lost in excitement that I didn’t answer. Your voice alone makes me want to orgasm. My moan quickly turned to screams as my ass burned from you wacking me with a wooden ruler. “I said who am I?” I try to speak but I only stutter ” my… my…” trying not to cry from the pain when I feel another wack on my other cheek. “I’m your daddy ” you say taking yourself away from me. The room is silent and my heart beats faster, Imy only thoughts are how much I want to cum for you…. then I hear the door open and you speak to someone…..