Hi 💕

Wow what a crazy month! My health has been so rocky and finally got to the bottom of it and I am finally recovering. I have been writing and I’ll be posting follow up stories including new ones. 

One of my biggest challenges is over analyzing my stories and over correcting them to the point Where I always trash it. So please be patient once I start feeling it get to my head I post them. It’s helped me to just enjoy writing and write for fun. 💕

Happy 2017

I hope everyone had an amazing time celebrating with friends and family. 

I started wondering about being more bold this year. I’m very shy in person and after some therapy for my social anxiety I have been able to speak up and be goofy with my coworkers and people I don’t usually talk to. I love the feeling of being able to not concentrate on what someone will think about me and just be able to joke around freely. So 2017 will be a year that I speak up and not worry what anyone thinks or says. I won’t let that hold me back anymore. 

Also… top of my list getting laid more! I refuse to be refused lol! Let’s see how that goes 😂. 

What are your New Years resolutions? 

Ruby pt2


“Mr.Tom?” Ruby called out looking through the door window but only making out a shadow. She opened the door and Mr.Tom walked in standing inches away from her, she could feel the heat from his body on hers. His voice deep and husky “You think I like being teased? You want me to fuck you or was that all a show?” Ruby stared at him, she didn’t think he would actually bite but here he was, and man he smelled good. “Mr.Tom, please I was just…” She tried saying but he leaned in and kissed her, she felt herself lose control and let herself go. His kiss so passionate and full of desire. He picked her up and placed her on the kitchen counter. “I need to have you.” He hissed in her ear. She wrapped her legs around him pulling him in. His hands moving in her hair, tugging at it and she moaned. He trailed his thumb around her lips and she sucked on it. His cock was very thick and mmmmmm… so hard. She wanted to wrap her lips around it.

“Ruby?” She heard Eric call out from the hall. She stood quickly trying to get to Eric before he walked in and when she looked back Mr.Tom was gone. “Honey, what’s the matter? Did I scare you?” Eric asked demanding a kiss.
“No I was trying to surprise you with some Champagne and strawberries.”
Her heart was racing. Eric leaned in and grabbed her at the waist, his other hand reaching for her soaking pussy. “Mmmmm….looks like you started without me” He grabbed her and put her on the counter where Mr.Tom had her a few seconds ago.

He removed her bra, sucking on her full breasts. The excitement was too much for her she let out a loud moan. “Aaaaaahhhhh yes, bite them” she yelled, running her hands through his hair, pulling him towards her.

She noticed movement from the side of her eye and she knew Mr. Tom was watching.

Eric ripped her frail thong and tossed it as she laid back she made sure they both had a full view of her. The cold countertop and his hot tongue running inside of her made her shake. She placed each leg on his shoulders and her screams became louder and louder. The thought of Mr. Tom wanting her was running through her mind and she needed to know what he felt like inside of her, what they both felt like at the same time. The idea made her squirt all over Eric. He lapped every drop of her sweet juice. She pulled him up to her and he pushed his huge cock inside of her. She turned to look at Mr.Tom as Eric started thrusting. She clung to him, his cock making his way deep into her. Mr.Tom had his cock out and he was copying their movement.

Eric Pulled out of her and carried her to the table. He put her down and turned her over pulling her ass cheeks apart. Circling her sweet little hole he felt it pulsing, aching for his cock and she begged him for it. “Please, fuck me in my ass baby!” She yelled bouncing her ass around for him. He slapped her ass hard leaving his handprint on it. Pulling her by the hair he leaned in with his voice low she could barley hear him

“You owe me for those pictures.”

With one thrust he was deep inside of her and she screamed. He spanked her again in the same spot making her yell louder. Her pussy was soaking wet and she loved how rough he was with her. His hand gripping her at the waist moving slow and deep.

‘You provoke me. Is this what you want?” He asked pulling her hair back towards him. Her neck was long and delicate. Her sweat glistening from the low lighting and he leaned in to kiss her supple lips. Eric was rough and primal with her and she craved it. Mr.Tom had an innocence yet he wasn’t a coward to go after what he wanted. She wanted them both and she wasn’t going to stop fucking with them until she did.

Office Night

It’s another late night and the office is quiet. It’s just you and me and I hear something. I quietly sneak up to your door to see what you’re doing but I hear you grunting and panting so I try to take a peek through the cracked door. On your screen is my picture from last summer in my red tiny bikini, exposing way more than I’d like since I’m bent over with my face between my legs and drinks in both my hands. My small bikini top exposing my under boob cleavage, this was taken before my top popped all the way up exposing myself to two senior aged tourists. They bought us another round and we sat on their laps. 
Why are you looking at my pictures and how did you get access to my private profile? Your door squeaked open and you quickly turned to look but I ran as fast as I could to my desk. I was panting trying to catch my breath when a minute later you are standing at my door. I smile nervously trying to control my breathing. “Hey you’re still here?” I ask “Yea, working on some year end reports. I was about to finish and thought I heard you” your voice calm with a smirk on your face. “Oh, no I’ve been here all this time maybe the janitor is here already.” I feel myself get a little shaky. I’m a terrible liar. 
You stare at me then you sit right next to me on my desk, leaning in to me I throw my head back your hot breath touching my neck and I moan, secretly wanting to feel your lips on it. You whisper in my ear “I’m going to need a picture of your tits too” popping off the buttons on my dress shirt.
 One… by… one each button making me wetter. I wanted to feel your hands on my breasts. I was going crazy in anticipation, needing you, finally exposing my red bra your cock growing harder in front of me. You reach for the scissors and cut my bra off. My breasts bounce as they fall to their place. My nipples hard begging to be sucked. I throw my head back and I hear your phone camera snap. I look at you and you snap again. I take my shirt off and slowly slip out of my skirt. I’m not wearing any underwear today and you lick your lips with hunger. I stand at my office door and bend over my face between my legs “here is a more appropriate picture for you to use next time” I say smiling. After you take a couple of close ups I turn and kneel over a small ottoman, lying over it with my ass out needing you to take me.


Friday couldn’t come soon enough. Ruby had packed the kids weekend bags for grandmas house and loaded them with snacks and iPads she wasn’t taking any chances of her kids trying to come back early. She had one thing on her mind and that was to get fucked by her husband all weekend.

Evening was approaching quickly and Eric was going to be home in two hours. She was picking up the toys when she heard a knock on her door. She looked out the window but didn’t see anyone, opening the door slightly she saw her neighbor Tom standing on the side of the door. He never came around so she quickly opened the door “Mr.Tom? Everything okay?” stepping out to the porch quickly regretting it as the wind made her robe dance around flashing him a little of everything.

He turned to head back to his house and then turned and asked if Eric was home. “No, he should be home in about two hours. Can I help you with something?” She asked jumping back inside. “Please come inside it’s so windy I can barely hear you.” Waving her hands for him to come in. He quickly obeyed. “I’m sorry to bother you but he borrowed my saw a couple of months ago and I don’t really use it but the wind is picking up and one of the bigger branches is about to fall through my window.” Shocked she asked him to follow her to the garage “I’m so sorry he always borrows things and then he forgets to give it back” she said picking up the kids toys to clear a path but instead getting an eyeful of her perfectly plump ass.

In less than ten minutes he had already seen her naked and he was tempted to touch her delicate pale skin. He realized how much he missed a woman’s scent around the house and her skimpy robe was more than enough to get his cock hard. When she wasn’t looking he tucked his hard cock against his jeans. She turned the lights on in the garage, it was an icebox and her nipples quickly stood out through her robe. She dug through drawers and cabinets. Every time she moved her robe gave way to reveal her body to him, her ass jiggling, inviting him and all he could do was admire her beauty. “Mr.Tom?” she said “sorry did you hear me?” looking at him concerned. “No I’m sorry I was trying to think if he gave it back to me but he didn’t” he hated himself for lacking a lying bone but it would have to do, he didn’t want her to think he was a pervert.

“Can I help you look around? I don’t want you to catch a cold.” he asked getting on his knees to look through the bottom shelves. “He is such a pack rat, he just shoves things in any empty corner.” He grinned because he could never imagine working out of his garage looking like this. That was one quality he was happy to get from his dad. Keeping his work area clean. She climbed onto the step-ladder next to him and when he turned up to look, her pussy was in full sight. It was clean-shaven and had a nice rosy pink color to it. She reached away swinging one leg back and he could see her pussy glistening a little. He wanted to reach for it, kiss it and taste it. Was she wet? Was she purposely showing herself to me? “I found it” She squeaked “It’s a little stuck, Just…. a… little.. mo… oh my God!!!” She yelled falling back and into him.

Her legs draped over his arms, her face turning a bright pink. “Wow, great catch Mr. Tom” with a big smile on her face. He reached over to move the stands covering her face. Her big brown eyes fixed on his dark green eyes. He was gorgeous and his strong arms were enough to want to stay in them forever. He snapped out of it and put her down. Clearing his throat he thanked her for the help and she walked him back out. “Please stop by anytime Mr.Tom” waving goodbye. He never turned back to look.

She was about to start the shower when she heard the doorbell ring. Eric leaned over to her whispering in her ear “You know, I got all your pictures this morning while I was in my meeting.” Ruby could feel her face flush.
“I’ll make you answer for provoking me at work.” His eyes daring, leaning in closer, his hard cock pressing on her stomach. He slid his finger inside her skimpy robe, pulling it off one shoulder exposing her breast. He traced her pink nipple as it instantly stood out for attention. He cupped it and sucked on it, biting it. She let out a low moan, his hot hands traveling inside her robe. He reached down and caressed her pussy. She was soaking wet. He traced his lips with one finger leaving a trace of her sweet juice on them. He leaned in and kissed her.
“I have to go take the kids. I’ll need to stick around for a while and make small talk with my mom so I should be back after traffic dies down.” he said fingering her wet pussy.
“Please hurry back ” she said panting.

Ruby didn’t want to ruin his day she wondered just how much she should tell Eric about earlier today with Mr. Tom. She had looked forward to this weekend all month and she was going to take full advantage of it. Ruby reached up for her box of toys tucked away in her closet. Opening it made her pussy ache. She pulled out a silk wrapped paddle, she had it custom-made with his name so it brands her ass. She took out the whip, wands, cuffs, massage oils, and her silk scarfs to blindfold him and laid them down on her nightstand. He was in control that night and she was ready to submit.She walked to the guest bedroom and reached under the bed for the pink bag she hid and pulled out her new sexy black bra, lace thong and matching thigh high tights and laid it out on the bed.

Sliding her robe off, she snapped a picture of her breasts and sent it to him. Her hard nipples craving attention were waiting to be sucked. and sent it to him. Teasing him aroused her, seeing his primal side come out to claim what was his sent her over the edge. She walked over to the bathroom she unclipped her hair. It cascaded down covering her back all reaching down to her waist. The hot steam welcomed her, stepping in to the pulsing water the jets massaging her skin. As it reached every curve and mound it made her wish Eric was there with her. She stood under the rain shower letting the sensations take over her as she imagined him taking her later that night.

He loved making her scream, not that she could help herself. Reaching for the shower head she switched it to the massage mode and aimed to her pussy urging attention. She let out a loud gasp as it pounded on her clit. She pulled on her erect nipples making her cry out. Her climax getting closer and closer but she didn’t want to cum without him. Last time she orgasmed without him, he gave her a good spanking to remind her who owned every single part of her body including her sweet cum. She loved how dominant he was of her and she needed to abide by his requests.

She turned off the shower and stepped out drying herself off she lathered her scented lotion all over her body and snapped another picture of her sucking on her nipple. Clicking the send button she knew he was probably busy with his mom by now and she was going to pay big for it later. She adorned her body with her new lingerie but something was missing. To complete the look she put on her black six-inch heels that drove him crazy. He loved her long legs and he couldn’t keep his hands off of them. She put on her red lipstick only making her crave his big cock in her mouth, She bit her lips, her clit pulsing made her want to reach for one of the toys. Finishing her look, she sprayed her perfume and donned her long pearl necklace that fell between her large breasts.

The blinds adorned their large windows throughout the house and they were wide open. They rarely closed the blinds as their only neighbor Mr. Tom, was rarely home. Walking down the corridor she decided to turn the fireplace on, lighting up the dark house. Jazz flowed throughout the house as she walked in to the kitchen. Her neighbor stared at her with his mouth open and waved from his window and she waved back. There was something about him keeping to himself that made her curious about him. She opened the refrigerator and bent over just to give Mr.Tom a little more to look at.

Her black lace thong hugged her ass tightly. Having another man watch her, crave her, was making her wet again. She Squatted down a couple of times and even went on all fours to get something under the table she had pushed her thong to one side and he could see her pussy wide open. When she stood, he was giving her all the attention she deserved making her giggle. She rinsed off some strawberries giving him a peek at her supple big breasts. Her corset had a light lace covering her breasts so there was no mistake he was getting an eye full. Curious she peeked over to see him, his big cock was out and he was rubbing one out in plain view. She waved to him again and threw him a kiss only making him jerk faster. Taking a seat on the kitchen counter with her long legs crossed she grabbed one of the strawberries and started wrapping her tongue around it and sucking on it seductively. The juice trickled down her chest and she reached for some paper. She finally got all of it dried up but Mr. Tom wasn’t there anymore.. a couple of minutes passed and curiously walked over to her living room to see if she could get a better view into his house but nothing.

She heard a light knock on her back door.

She was going to pay for being a tease.

To Be Continued…

Welcoming Night 

I had the place to myself and my boyfriend at the time was flying back from visiting his parents. I was more than ready to welcome him home. I showered and put on one of his t-shirts and his long socks that went up to my knees and waited for him. I feel asleep on the couch. Two hours passed and I finally heard him at the door. He kissed me and apologized for coming late, his flight had been delayed and his phone was dead. I didn’t care! I jumped up at him wrapping my legs around him. We kissed and things quickly escalated. It had been two long lonely weeks and I was ready for him to make it up to me. He sat on the couch with my legs still wrapped around him every kiss, every nibble (I have a thing for biting earlobes and a mans neck! Meoow) I pushed myself free and stood up. I opened the sliding door. “Are you crazy?” He asked “it’s forty degrees outside!” I giggled taking off the t-shirt I was wearing. It was just me with a red thong and his long socks. It was cold as fuck but I didn’t care. There was something about getting all hot and sweaty and having the cold breeze hit your naked body that just makes it so much more sexier and hot. We went at it for hours until about 2am we stopped to snack on something and rehydrate ourselves. We went at it again until early morning and finally fell asleep while sucking on his cock. It was one night I’ll add to the top of my list. 😏


Does sex always have to be satisfying for both people? Does climax always have to happen for there to be an end to it? 

Sometimes it’s hard to go through it all knowing you’re not even going to “finish” at the end. Most of the time I don’t and it leaves a lot to be desired. 

Quickies soon became our regular sex and passion was not anywhere to be found. 

I would say I’ve always been an observant person and if I saw that my person was not enjoying it like they should I would try a little of everything. I don’t know how more obvious I could be at times even when telling him. 

Then he expects me to be ready for it. No foreplay and he rubs dry  (ouch). It has made me have an active imagination about sex. What I wish I could have, what I need him to say to me every now and then and hey a spank just because would really set the mood fast with me. 


A couple of nights ago I was pissed off at my husband and alone in the guest bedroom. I locked the door and completely undressed. The cool sheets hugged my body in all the right places and I needed to get off now! (What’s new?) 

In a sexless marriage (okay not entirely sexless but it happens about once every two months or every 6 weeks if I’m lucky) it’s hard to get off with young ones at home and a husband that questions why I’m in the mood… like I don’t feel weird as it is for my high sex drive. 
I have to improvise on what I want and need. It takes a lot to recognize that you are desperate and when I told an online friend what I did he couldn’t believe it was a thing and yes he did kinda laugh at me. 
Ok cue the cool sheets and me in the mood… so I grab my phone and my headphones and went on YouTube and I ended up on that wtf side. It was male voice recording of moaning and grunting. It was so long since I’ve had my husband do that (even when I ask it takes the joy out of it) but wow!!! Best “O” in a long time! 
Didn’t stop there… they have male voice recordings just flirting and getting you off. I’m a fan and you’re welcome 😀 !! (They have some with men with sexy Irish accents and other accents if that’s your thing) 
It makes me think just how little sex means to him if a simple moan from a man can get me off. So even though we do have sex it’s the most basic sex you can imagine. 


There is something about the warmth of the holidays that just really put me in that mood. I try not thinking about it and keeping busy but it’s so hard when my … lady parts start to throb. I am alone in my office most of the time so I’m left with my never ending erotic thoughts. You would think they would eventually stop but no.

Currently in my mind? Sitting on my husbands lap, with my legs on each side, he slips deep inside of me. I can feel his lips on my neck, kissing and biting as I thrust faster. His hands gripping my ass spreading my cheeks open as he rubs his finger around and I growl into his ear. 

Okay I need to snap out of it I need to go to a meeting in a bit. *sighs* I’m wet now.. hehehe