Night Dreams 

I hear your voice down the hallway and my heart beats faster. I sit up taller, rub some scented lotion you liked, hoping, wishing you would talk to me. I was instantly attracted by your height and your big sexy hands so when you stand next to me all I can think about is feeling your hands all over my body. 

I feel the chemistry between us. The way you smile at me when I approach you and your inappropriate jokes only makes me wish we were alone together so I could show you how bad I can really be. When you are stressed out from work and problems from home you zone out and all I want to do is make you smile. 

When we talk you get very very close to me and I die to just reach over and kiss you. I’m much much younger than you and it only makes me want you more. You’re strong dominant personality is so sexy. I wish you knew that I think about you a lot, especially at night when I’m in bed alone. 

4 thoughts on “Night Dreams 

  1. Gary

    As an older man (46), this is very hot to read. You didn’t go further, and so it kinda reads like a prose poem. The tension between them. I also liked the one with the wooden ruler, as I am a teacher.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Gary thank you for the feedback I’m happy to hear you like them. I have so much to write so very little time so I quick type and post. I really need to set time apart to write.


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