It’s sometime around 2 in the morning and I wake up with a burning desire to have you. My body yearns for you and it demands to be satisfied. I shift my body around trying to wake you but it was a long day at work for you, so my guilt slowly creeping into my head. You turn towards me placing your leg between mine and you drift back into deep sleep. I can’t get up to satisfy myself so I very slowly thrust my hip straddling your leg, rubbing my throbbing clit just the right way. Fuck am I humping his leg? Yeah, I am. I keep at it as I pick up speed, motivated to getting myself off. My gasps get shamelessly louder as I get closer to ecstasy and my whole body shudders. I look towards you, your eyes still closed but with a smirk on your face. I lean in and kiss you as you whisper “you owe me in the morning”.

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