It was 5:30pm on a Friday and the rush at the local grocery store made Lilly dread her day a little more . “I hate people” she muttered as she adjusted her makeup in the mirror and fixed her hair. She slipped her black high heels on, unbuttoned her top and made her way into the store. One of the workers there always tried to get her attention.”Hi ma’am, nice day today!” She smiled as his eyes always dropped to her huge cleavage. She always gave him something extra to look at. He was in his early 20’s, nerdy and probably virgin. His cock always got hard when she stood close to him and he always found a way to get a better peek. She glanced over to the meat department and it was crowded so she started at the other end at the wines section, her favorite place in this town. She loved browsing all the wines they carry. The owner Tom told her he designed it to look like his late wife’s favorite wine cellar. She liked most of the wines they stocked but she knew where he placed his favorite wines. A small thank you to his favorite customers. She slowly made her way to the small corner where she checked her list of the wines she had already tried.

She let out a short scream that was quickly muffled by big hands as they pulled her into a janitors closet. “Lila, don’t yell” the deep voice whispered in her ear and she instantly put a face to the voice. “Mark, What the fuck” the room was pitch black and she could feel him breathing heavily on her neck. “Don’t you miss me?” He said tugging on her hair exposing her neck. He was always very dominant over her body… fuck she missed that. “No, don’t touch me!” She wiggled around trying to free herself from him but deep down she didn’t want to be free His strong arms wrapped around her body so tight. She loved struggling and fighting him off, his big hands fighting for her body, to taste her lips, her nipples, it was the best forplay she has had, even though she didn’t want to admit it to him. “I saw you walking in the store and I didn’t want to get close to you but you had to come down this aisle. Who fucking starts grocery shopping on this end of the store?” She mumbled “of course even how I grocery shop is wrong”

“ENOUGH!” He feel back onto a counter and pulled her onto his body. Her legs fell beside his hard cock. She had spent so many nights thinking about his thick cock and how they would go for hours, always wanting more from each other. He reached between her legs feeling her wet pussy through her lace thong. “MMmmm…. Are you going to be a good girl for me?” He asked licking her ear and slipping a finger inside her hot pussy. She moaned as he stroked her g-spot. He always knew where to go. “I miss hearing you scream my name.” Finger fucking her faster he slapped her ass with his other hand making her scream. He reached for her shirt and ripped it open, the buttons falling to the ground he reached for her bra hook and snapped it off pulling her bra off. His mouth watered feeling her breast fall between his face. He leaned in and wiggled his face in them. The scent of her perfume intoxicated him. He lifted her on his lap and with one hand cuffed her small wrists behind her, exposing her to him. “I wish I could see your body right now”

The door handle jiggled and a soft knock followed,”Is someone there” Tom called out. “Hi Tom, it’s me Lilly. Sorry I will be right out my shirt buttons popped off and I ran in here to hide.” She said hitting Marks hand away from her pussy. “That must have been the scream they heard. I’ll go get you a shirt. Stay there i’ll clear the area.” Tom shouted at the door. He walked back to the front of the aisle where a crowd had formed and he waived the door greeter over. “Stand here make sure no one sees her.” Tom said placing him in front of the crowd. “All right everybody nothing to see, someone spilled a bottle of wine that’s all”

When Lilly couldn’t see him she threw Mark out of the closet and closed the door behind him. “Hey how did you get past me” Shouted the greeter. “Don’t take your job too seriously there kid he said rubbing his hair and winking at him” Mr. Tom came running back with a store uniform shirt. “Lilly, here is a shirt I believe this is your size.” She couldn’t find her bra and she knew Mark took it. She opened the door and Mr.Toms eyes feel at her breasts. Her shirt was unbuttoned and her large breasts were very difficult to contain with one hand. “Here I think this should do the trick.” Never looking away. She leaned into him and kissed his cheek. “You are a lifesaver, Mr.Tom. I owe you” She noticed his bulge in his pant grow bigger and she winked at him, turning to remove her shirt and put the uniform shirt on. She turned back around “How does it look?” She asked, fixing her long hair. The white polo did nothing to hide her nipples, he could make out the light pink color of them and he wanted to touch them. Clearing his throat he managed to say “It looks fine”.

She made her way down the aisle and the greeters jaw dropped. Every step she took her breasts bounced making his cock hard. She stood right in front, leaning on his body and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you for your help.” She slipped her button up shirt on to cover her nipples and walked out the door wishing…hoping.. Mark would be there.

Night Dreams 

I hear your voice down the hallway and my heart beats faster. I sit up taller, rub some scented lotion you liked, hoping, wishing you would talk to me. I was instantly attracted by your height and your big sexy hands so when you stand next to me all I can think about is feeling your hands all over my body. 

I feel the chemistry between us. The way you smile at me when I approach you and your inappropriate jokes only makes me wish we were alone together so I could show you how bad I can really be. When you are stressed out from work and problems from home you zone out and all I want to do is make you smile. 

When we talk you get very very close to me and I die to just reach over and kiss you. I’m much much younger than you and it only makes me want you more. You’re strong dominant personality is so sexy. I wish you knew that I think about you a lot, especially at night when I’m in bed alone. 

Happy 2017

I hope everyone had an amazing time celebrating with friends and family. 

I started wondering about being more bold this year. I’m very shy in person and after some therapy for my social anxiety I have been able to speak up and be goofy with my coworkers and people I don’t usually talk to. I love the feeling of being able to not concentrate on what someone will think about me and just be able to joke around freely. So 2017 will be a year that I speak up and not worry what anyone thinks or says. I won’t let that hold me back anymore. 

Also… top of my list getting laid more! I refuse to be refused lol! Let’s see how that goes ?. 

What are your New Years resolutions? 

Office Night

It’s another late night and the office is quiet. It’s just you and me and I hear something. I quietly sneak up to your door to see what you’re doing but I hear you grunting and panting so I try to take a peek through the cracked door. On your screen is my picture from last summer in my red tiny bikini, exposing way more than I’d like since I’m bent over with my face between my legs and drinks in both my hands. My small bikini top exposing my under boob cleavage, this was taken before my top popped all the way up exposing myself to two senior aged tourists. They bought us another round and we sat on their laps. 
Why are you looking at my pictures and how did you get access to my private profile? Your door squeaked open and you quickly turned to look but I ran as fast as I could to my desk. I was panting trying to catch my breath when a minute later you are standing at my door. I smile nervously trying to control my breathing. “Hey you’re still here?” I ask “Yea, working on some year end reports. I was about to finish and thought I heard you” your voice calm with a smirk on your face. “Oh, no I’ve been here all this time maybe the janitor is here already.” I feel myself get a little shaky. I’m a terrible liar. 
You stare at me then you sit right next to me on my desk, leaning in to me I throw my head back your hot breath touching my neck and I moan, secretly wanting to feel your lips on it. You whisper in my ear “I’m going to need a picture of your tits too” popping off the buttons on my dress shirt.
 One… by… one each button making me wetter. I wanted to feel your hands on my breasts. I was going crazy in anticipation, needing you, finally exposing my red bra your cock growing harder in front of me. You reach for the scissors and cut my bra off. My breasts bounce as they fall to their place. My nipples hard begging to be sucked. I throw my head back and I hear your phone camera snap. I look at you and you snap again. I take my shirt off and slowly slip out of my skirt. I’m not wearing any underwear today and you lick your lips with hunger. I stand at my office door and bend over my face between my legs “here is a more appropriate picture for you to use next time” I say smiling. After you take a couple of close ups I turn and kneel over a small ottoman, lying over it with my ass out needing you to take me.

Welcoming Night 

I had the place to myself and my boyfriend at the time was flying back from visiting his parents. I was more than ready to welcome him home. I showered and put on one of his t-shirts and his long socks that went up to my knees and waited for him. I feel asleep on the couch. Two hours passed and I finally heard him at the door. He kissed me and apologized for coming late, his flight had been delayed and his phone was dead. I didn’t care! I jumped up at him wrapping my legs around him. We kissed and things quickly escalated. It had been two long lonely weeks and I was ready for him to make it up to me. He sat on the couch with my legs still wrapped around him every kiss, every nibble (I have a thing for biting earlobes and a mans neck! Meoow) I pushed myself free and stood up. I opened the sliding door. “Are you crazy?” He asked “it’s forty degrees outside!” I giggled taking off the t-shirt I was wearing. It was just me with a red thong and his long socks. It was cold as fuck but I didn’t care. There was something about getting all hot and sweaty and having the cold breeze hit your naked body that just makes it so much more sexier and hot. We went at it for hours until about 2am we stopped to snack on something and rehydrate ourselves. We went at it again until early morning and finally fell asleep while sucking on his cock. It was one night I’ll add to the top of my list. ?


Does sex always have to be satisfying for both people? Does climax always have to happen for there to be an end to it? 

Sometimes it’s hard to go through it all knowing you’re not even going to “finish” at the end. Most of the time I don’t and it leaves a lot to be desired. 

Quickies soon became our regular sex and passion was not anywhere to be found. 

I would say I’ve always been an observant person and if I saw that my person was not enjoying it like they should I would try a little of everything. I don’t know how more obvious I could be at times even when telling him. 

Then he expects me to be ready for it. No foreplay and he rubs dry  (ouch). It has made me have an active imagination about sex. What I wish I could have, what I need him to say to me every now and then and hey a spank just because would really set the mood fast with me. 


A couple of nights ago I was pissed off at my husband and alone in the guest bedroom. I locked the door and completely undressed. The cool sheets hugged my body in all the right places and I needed to get off now! (What’s new?) 

In a sexless marriage (okay not entirely sexless but it happens about once every two months or every 6 weeks if I’m lucky) it’s hard to get off with young ones at home and a husband that questions why I’m in the mood… like I don’t feel weird as it is for my high sex drive. 
I have to improvise on what I want and need. It takes a lot to recognize that you are desperate and when I told an online friend what I did he couldn’t believe it was a thing and yes he did kinda laugh at me. 
Ok cue the cool sheets and me in the mood… so I grab my phone and my headphones and went on YouTube and I ended up on that wtf side. It was male voice recording of moaning and grunting. It was so long since I’ve had my husband do that (even when I ask it takes the joy out of it) but wow!!! Best “O” in a long time! 
Didn’t stop there… they have male voice recordings just flirting and getting you off. I’m a fan and you’re welcome 😀 !! (They have some with men with sexy Irish accents and other accents if that’s your thing) 
It makes me think just how little sex means to him if a simple moan from a man can get me off. So even though we do have sex it’s the most basic sex you can imagine. 


There is something about the warmth of the holidays that just really put me in that mood. I try not thinking about it and keeping busy but it’s so hard when my … lady parts start to throb. I am alone in my office most of the time so I’m left with my never ending erotic thoughts. You would think they would eventually stop but no.

Currently in my mind? Sitting on my husbands lap, with my legs on each side, he slips deep inside of me. I can feel his lips on my neck, kissing and biting as I thrust faster. His hands gripping my ass spreading my cheeks open as he rubs his finger around and I growl into his ear. 

Okay I need to snap out of it I need to go to a meeting in a bit. *sighs* I’m wet now.. hehehe


I’m not going to lie when I say that I really thought getting married would let me get laid… a lot… 24/7. I have a very high sex drive and I really wished it was like I imagined it would be.

I want him to want me, really want me because that’s when the real sex happens. You discover each other so intimately that you just know what they love and want in bed. 

I’ve been honest with him about what I want and I’ve never said no to something he wants to try but he’s made me feel like a weirdo after sex sometimes. Like if asking him to spank me is weird. It’s fucking hot but it’s not like I’m  into it until I’m bruised. I just like the whole manly power thing. I think it’s from me always having to initiate so I fantasize about him being in charge. 

I’ve given him hour long bj’s and then he just turns around and falls asleep. I don’t get touched most of the time and when I do it’s just your most basic touch that it just really kills the mood.

I need passion and for him to put some thought into sex. I’ve given up on him being “romantic” because he says that’s just not his thing but then what about sex? Can’t you try at least? 

Five years after being married I would have thought I’d have a closet full of naughty costumes, lingerie, toys, heels. Is that so hard to ask for?


Wolf Week

Wolf week is referred to those crazy over hormonal days where you could hump your desk just to get off a little. I have experienced this in the most awkward times where I start fantasizing about an older coworker or the guy that held the door open for me at the grocery store. It makes you hot for anyone that gives you a second look and thankfully I can control myself but man these hormones during wolf week can really get a girl in trouble.

At work I talk to men all day and although the majority of the time I never think about them that way, during wolf week I could practically tie them up and have them all to myself in my office. It gets harder and harder to concentrate as the day goes by I have probably had a couple O’s by the time I am driving home from work.

Listening to erotica stories only fuel that desire and I would say those are the days I wish my husband was more into it than me but then nothing would get done at home. 😉

Did you know YouTube has videos of just men recording of panting? Yep, I listen to those and yes they do the trick too. No shame in making it more interesting for myself. Why not?

Anything you do that helps during wolf week?