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La Lluvia

La lluvia siempre llama a mi corazón, conmueve mis deseos íntimos y saca una passion para escribir lo que mas me fascina del amor.

The rain always calls out to my heart, moving my most intimate desires and releases a passion to write about what fascinates me the most about love.

Happy 2017

I hope everyone had an amazing time celebrating with friends and family. 

I started wondering about being more bold this year. I’m very shy in person and after some therapy for my social anxiety I have been able to speak up and be goofy with my coworkers and people I don’t usually talk to. I love the feeling of being able to not concentrate on what someone will think about me and just be able to joke around freely. So 2017 will be a year that I speak up and not worry what anyone thinks or says. I won’t let that hold me back anymore. 

Also… top of my list getting laid more! I refuse to be refused lol! Let’s see how that goes ?. 

What are your New Years resolutions?