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It’s sometime around 2 in the morning and I wake up with a burning desire to have you. My body yearns for you and it demands to be satisfied. I shift my body around trying to wake you but it was a long day at work for you, so my guilt slowly creeping into my head. You turn towards me placing your leg between mine and you drift back into deep sleep. I can’t get up to satisfy myself so I very slowly thrust my hip straddling your leg, rubbing my throbbing clit just the right way. Fuck am I humping his leg? Yeah, I am. I keep at it as I pick up speed, motivated to getting myself off. My gasps get shamelessly louder as I get closer to ecstasy and my whole body shudders. I look towards you, your eyes still closed but with a smirk on your face. I lean in and kiss you as you whisper “you owe me in the morning”.


Nights like tonight when it feels like no one is out there, I just close my eyes and type away and live through someone else. To feel their emotions is what drives my passion but… the more I live through them the more I can picture you. The way your hands hold me tight every night, your kisses sweet and warm. You’re so close I can almost touch you. Then I’m back staring at my screen left yearning for you.

Sweet Thoughts of You

I opened the door and there you were. I take a second to take you in with my eyes. Tall, charming and sexy as fuck. My pussy instantly knows it’s you. I feel my clit slowly swelling as your cologne robs me of any doubts. Your arms wrap around my body and I melt into you. Your lips greeting my body… I need to have you now…

Lost in thoughts 

If you knew what I was thinking would you embrace me in my fantasy? Know that whenever you are in my presence in my mind we are fucking like rabbits. The manly aroma of your cologne evokes my kinky appetite as I fight to control myself to not kneel and consume your pleasure. My throbbing pussy purrs to your spellbinding manhood making my thighs tremble. Let me show you my deepest desires. 

Night Dreams 

I hear your voice down the hallway and my heart beats faster. I sit up taller, rub some scented lotion you liked, hoping, wishing you would talk to me. I was instantly attracted by your height and your big sexy hands so when you stand next to me all I can think about is feeling your hands all over my body. 

I feel the chemistry between us. The way you smile at me when I approach you and your inappropriate jokes only makes me wish we were alone together so I could show you how bad I can really be. When you are stressed out from work and problems from home you zone out and all I want to do is make you smile. 

When we talk you get very very close to me and I die to just reach over and kiss you. I’m much much younger than you and it only makes me want you more. You’re strong dominant personality is so sexy. I wish you knew that I think about you a lot, especially at night when I’m in bed alone.